Remix Data focuses on recyclability’s relation  to data. On this site I present ongoing research and projects that explore the relation of image, music and text in terms of remix to how information can be and is being repurposed. I eventually use much of my research to develop theories about culture . I have written a few essays and a book.  To get a sense of my approach please peruse my essays available on Remix Theory.  A text that specifically relies on cultural analytics is Modular complexity and remix: the collapse of time and space into search. For more specific material on cultural analytics that preceded the conception of Remix Data as a focused resource, see Three Case Studies On YouTube Video Mashups.

The transition to my current approach to analytics can be found in the pages of my ongoing project Minima Moralia Redux. This project is really the link from my earlier research on YouTube and my current research, which now is also taking shape with Poemita, an experimental writing project I started in January 2010 with the use of Twitter, which finally took a clear direction on August of 2014. I am also developing focused research on films which derives from my work with YouTube memes; that material will be released in various postings on Remix Data.

The initial postings of this site feature some of the material previously presented on Remix Theory. This is done to create more emphasis on the research I have developed and continue to develop in terms of remix and data; but with time, the material presented here will become more specific. In turn, material that is relevant to remix at large posted on Remix Data will be featured on Remix Theory.

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