Remix Data is the result of my long term research in cultural analytics and the digital humanities in relation to remix culture. Early research along these lines can be found throughout the pages of Remix theory.

The methodologies and critical approaches I implement in my current research are informed by the work being developed in the Software Studies Lab (NYC/San Diego), where I am an affiliated researcher.

Some of the material presented on this site will be part of ongoing research I perform with my students. My research at the moment is taking place at Penn State in the  Interdisciplinary Digitial Studio (IDS) and New Media programs in The School of Visual Arts (SoVA).   Similarly to Remix theory, the postings will not be made daily but according to the flow of research.

Developing this site became necessary because I found the need to separate my focused research on analytics from a more generalized focus on remix as usually discussed in the humanities in qualitative terms. Remix Data in effect will offer material that relies on both quantitative and qualitative analysis. This site functions in conjunction with my overall research available on  Remix theory. Many of the posts, when it makes sense, will be featured on both sites.

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